April 23, 2013

My Joy

Dear Cooper,

Today I have decided to write you a letter to remember just how incredibly precious and wonderful you are right now at age 4. I wish I had done this every year already.

Each morning, you wake up and reach over and touch my face to feel if I am there. You then ask me first thing "Do we have to go to work or school today"? Just a few weeks ago, you didn't like me to answer truthfully, but the last few weeks, you have been so sweet about it. "I like school, I want to go to school today, mama".

You can do so much on your own now. You help me make cookies/cakes and of course pancakes, your favorite for the weekend. You love to help me clean the house, your favorite part is to use the spray bottles, so you do a lot of dusting and window cleaning for me. And mopping. You put on your own shoes, and clothes sometimes, and you help me carry stuff in from the car each day. Such a big helper and I really appreciate it!

Each night you take baths with Lily and are so sweet to her.  You share your food with her, give her bites of your cookie, help carry her away from trouble, make sure she isn't eating small stuff or playdough, and tell her you love her. You used to call her "Cherry" when she was born, but you have adopted our silly names "beanchin" and "small bean". You always ask if she can come cuddle and read books with us in bed too and kiss her good night.

When I pick you up from school, you come running and squeeze my legs. It makes me so happy. You always tell me such funny stories about school and are always so excited to show me your drawings! You amaze me at how well you can color and paint now. You stay in the lines so well and pick the prettiest colors and tell me it is called "scritchy scratchy" if you don't stay in the lines or there is a mess up. Sometimes you'll sit an hour and paint picture after picture and tell me you are an artist. You are an artist.  I love them all. You especially love to draw flowers, the sky, and the sun and add in a robot here and there.

You know how to spell your name now and can spot the letters from your name on signs all the time now. You catch funny phrases from movies and people that always crack me up. The latest is "Secret, by nature" and "hot stuff coming through, watch out".

You love to play games with me in the back of the car when we come back from the climbing gym each weekend. We used to shoot the bad guy cars, but decided to play nicer games lately. Our favorites are I spy games, thumb wars, holding our breath at bridges, humming guessing game, and quizzing each other on what animals live around here.

You love to eat fruit every night before bedtime while we read books together in bed. Your favorite book right now is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. After we read a few books, I draw on your back and tell you stories. You love for me to do stories with the whole family, and you like it when I add in Curious George to the story. Sometimes you'll tell me you love me to the moon and back, and then add in something extra far "and to the Frankische Wunderland".

Ever since you were little, you have always been so content to just sit and take things in. At the grocery store, you still ride happily in the cart seat. You got your hair cut the other day and sat so serious and still the whole time even. No complaints. At the doctor, you didn't make a peep and were so brave getting a shot.  You are such an amazing boy. I love you so much it is insane! Cooper, your are my joy.

Love you to the moon and sun and stars and even Frankische Wunderland and back.


And just a few more recently heard Cooperisms:

"Nibble Nabble" - the name you gave Lily's bunny.
 "Carrots and broccoli are really good for you. They have protein."
"I'm the strongest. If the ceiling falls, I will catch it mom. I can hold it up over my head."
"We had chicken today mom. Not the type that is outside with feathers. The vegetable chicken."
"I love Cedar the best. I mean, I like you mom too, but I love Cedar."
"I met God today. He gave me flowers." (the priest came to his school).
""I won't let death come mom, when it does, I will beat death up".
"I'm heartbroken dad isn't here", said after reading Monster Inc and hearing the word in context to Sulley thinking he lost Boo, because Frank went to the movies and didn't stay to read books in bed.
"Oh, I gettcha, I see. I see." when he changes his mind and understands why I don't want him to do something.
"Sleeping is so boring. I can't see anything. I can't play anything. I don't want to sleep."

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