April 18, 2013

Birthday, riding a bike, and my baby

Warm weather has arrived and we have been getting out and about. Cooper started soccer this week, learned how to ride his pedal bike in one try, and it was Frank's birthday on Monday! For the first time ever in years, it was actually a sunny, perfect day for Frank's birthday. We ate his favorite dinner outside on our patio in short sleeve shirts.

 Here is the video I took capturing Cooper's first attempt riding his pedal bike. He has been riding a balance bike since he was two, so I had the feeling he would pick it right up. It only took him one try and he was off pedaling down our road! So proud of that kid.

I also had a little more time with Lily this week (brought her to work one day out of necessity, and took her with me to the Doctor).  Here is a sweet picture of her napping. 

Looking forward to the weekend. Almost there...

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