April 12, 2013

Friday I'm in Love

I am so happy it is Friday. I have to sing the Cure song every time I think about it. Monday you can fall apart, Tuesday Wednesday break my heart...

Pottenstein! Hope to get out climbing near here this weekend.

This weekend we're supposed to see some nice weather finally! Not tomorrow, but Sunday at least. We're planning on getting outside and climbing for the first time this year! Can't wait. Just hard to pick a place that is sunny, not too busy, and good for the kids. Hoping to also get some seedlings in the greenhouse planted and do some spring cleaning. How about you all?

Here are a few links you might enjoy:

The importance of Exercise, and all it takes.

I love this video and want to do an Act of Kindness Day now with Cooper.

I don't know why, but I love these pictures. Crack me up. I want one for Cooper's room.

I want to visit this place. Doesn't it look amazing?

Oh, and don't you miss these guys! I sure do.  I'll have to revisit my books I have at home from childhood.

Happy Weekend!

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