March 14, 2013

Two interesting articles...

Yesterday, I read an excellent post on Design Mom about Highschool that discusses a fascinating article in New York Magazine titled “Why You Truly Never Leave High School”. You must read her post and the article if you have time. Gabrielle pulled some interesting info out of the article that really makes me want to homeschool our kids.

Today, I read an article from the NY Times titled "Living with Less. A lot Less." Makes me want to purge and get in full Spring Cleaning mode. We have too much stuff! Done with the buying. Ever since reading Mr. Money Mustache, I feel so much more inspired to be frugal. Not just to save money, but to save the environment (same goal as MMM and the article above).

Hoping for some warm temps this weekend. We have quite a bit of snow on the ground right now. Sigh. Will spring ever come! Only plans so far for the weekend are selling some onesies at a Craft Fair tomorrow and climbing at a gym. Wish me luck!

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