March 18, 2013

Craft Fair Attempt and Baked Amish Bread

So, Saturday, I went to my first ever craft fair. Well, I'd been to a few as a shopper, but not as a vendor. I didn't have much to sell. Just onesies, so I felt stupid going and almost talked myself out of it! I still felt a bit embarrassed once I was there even, looking around at what all the other crafters brought. There were some really skilled girls there! The girl next to me was selling the most adorable crochet owl hats and bunnies. Another girl behind me was selling dog treats that were so good looking I wanted to eat them. The ladies were all quite nice and it was good to meet new people and see how these things work.

I didn't stay the whole time, and didn't really sell too much either. However, it just wasn't a very big sale day. I did get a feeling for what does sell though and what people are looking for, so that was helpful. I might try again at Christmas time, and actually could create a variety of things to sell by then.

Sunday, for breakfast, I made this delicious Amish Cinnamon Bread using this recipe from Redfly Creations. Cooper loved it. Kind of like Coffee cake. Not too hard to make either, but in my oven, it took over an hour to cook vs the 45 minutes in the recipe. I can't bake anything right in my German oven it seems. So weird. Baked breads are so helpful for our stressful work mornings. I need to do one every weekend. Anyone have some great recipes to share?

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  1. Just coming by to check out you blog and saw that you had made the Amish bread from my site. So glad you liked it! I just made some last night as well.

    Just wanted to stop by and say "HI"



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