March 20, 2013

Transformation Tuesday - Egg Cartons

My poor baby girl has measles! She got them from the vaccination she had 10 days ago. Full blown case of the measles. The doctor couldn't believe it and brought his colleague into see. No wonder she was miserable all weekend. I feel so bad for her....

So, anyhow, that is why I am a day late in posting my Tuesday transformations. With Easter coming soon, I figured it would be useful to figure out some extra uses for the egg cartons! Enjoy :)

1) Adorable Packaging for Gifts
Source: Design Mom
2. Seed Starters
Source: Instructables
3. A Spring Wreath. Can you believe those flowers are from egg cartons!
Source: Addicted 2 Decorating
4. Checkerboard Game. So cute for Easter!
Source: Create Celebrate Explore

5. Hungry Caterpillars! Looking forward to doing this one with Cooper. This is the theme of his room.
Source: 2Paws Designs

6. Bird Masks
Source: Bristling Acres
7.  DIY Bird Feeder
Source: Ginger Snap Crafts
8.  A Flower Light
Source: Addicted2Decorating
9. Egg Carton Cupcakes
Source: Its Me
10.  Egg Carton Lamp
Source: Victor Vetterlein Lamp Via Inhabitat
Hope you feel inspired to make one of these awesome things! I know I do!

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