March 25, 2013

Cold, Cold, Go Away.

Okay, another week of winter over here in Bavaria. This is seriously the longest winter with the least days of sun EVER in the history of Bavaria. Please, sunshine, come back! We saw it a few hours on Friday afternoon, but not long enough. I took the kids to the park despite the negative temps.

So, a lot of time spent indoors. Saturday we went swimming and Sunday we went climbing at the gym. Exercise helps. This weekend, we're headed down to the alps for Easter. Hoping for some sun and warmth down there! If not, at least a change of scenery will do us some good.

To brighten up this gloomy Monday, here are three amazing looking tutorials I am dying to try out. Don't know which to tackle first.

1. Baby Animal Towels. I give these as presents all the time from Pottery Barn, and they cost about $25! These look just as adorable if not cuter and would cost so little! Can't wait to try to make one for Lily. Cooper already has 3 animal towels. His favorite is a fish one from Target. I might have to do the bunny for Lily.  Which one would you do?

Source: U-Create Crafts who is sharing from Crazy Little Projects

2. Dress Shirt Dresses! Frank has a pile of these shirts seriously that all would look so cute as dresses! Dana from Made has all kinds of great sewing tutorials I'd love to try.
Source: Shirt Dress Tutorial from Made
 3. T-Shirt Dress from old T-Shirts. I love this dress. So cute. And I have plenty of old shirts I could cut up and do this to in my goodwill pile in the attic.
Source: Upcycled T-Shirt Dress from I am Momma Hear me Roar

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