March 26, 2013

Transformation Tuesday - Rope

I've been climbing now for 14 years. Wow. That's hard for me to believe. During that time frame,  Frank and I have probably gone through about 5 ropes. We've upcycled a fair share, but I could definitely make quite a few more things. Here are 10 fun upcycle ideas for ropes.

1. Rope Swings. We've made a few swings now for Cooper with old ropes and they are so strong. Finding a suitable tree is the hard part...
Source: Babajezas Wandertute
2. Dog Leashes.We have about 5 of these we've made for our dogs. Super strong and last. I wonder if I should try selling these at the next craft show seeing how well the doggie treats were selling.
Source: Etsy

3. Rope Covered Lamp (Jute in this case). I've done this one as well. We had a terribly ugly lamp that I covered over with jute and it made it so much better!
Source: Martha Stewart
4.  Rope Seat Stools. I haven't done this, but looks nice and simple.
Source: Martha Stewart
5. Make Floor Mats or Rugs! There are braided versions and circle rugs too!
Source: Seen on Green Prophet but sold at the cool store Hipcyle
6. Rope Bookends. I love the cube shapes. Cute for a nautical theme.

Source: Martha Stewart
7. This is a bit ambitious, but you can make all kinds of furniture out of rope like this Chair.
Source: LIV via Oscar Andersson
8. Make a Jump Rope. This has to be the easiest project. I'd just use tape for the handles...

9. Or a Rope Ladder. We might have to add one of these to our Power of Tower outside.
10. Dresser Handles/Pulls. Love this look.
Source: Design Squish Blog

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