February 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Lily Kate!

My precious Lily turned 1 this week. Sigh... where does the time go. She is such a big girl now! She stared at the cake for a minute, then once papa got the fork in the mouth, she wouldn't stop. She gobbled up her whole piece and smeared quite a bit in her hair and face of course. I was hoping she would. 

We celebrated with my parents and Frank's parents too via Skype! Gotta love technology. We did the same for Cooper's birthday, so they could see the kids blow out the candles and open gifts. 

I feel a little guilty for not making more of a party for Lily, like we did for Cooper, but then again, there are many more parties to come for her, and this one was special because she had the grandparents with her. 

Lily is walking all over now. She only can take about 8-15 steps before falling, but she's getting there. Here come the bumps and bruises too this means. I've also had to bust out the baby gates. She is all about the steps right now, and taking everything out of my cupboards and off the shelves.

I sure do love this age. She is nothing but smiles this girl. And she sleeps. Yes, Hallelujah, I have a child that loves to sleep. Still wondering if its genetics or parenting differences. Guess we'll never know for certain. I sure am thankful for this baby doll. She has my heart. 

Don't touch my fork papa.


Before dinner she was getting into the Kleenex box. Check out those teeth!


  1. Such wonderful photos! I wish I could have been there too! Lily is so precious and adorable, and then Cooper is just as cute and amazing. You have such a beautiful family and I love you all!

    1. Thanks Rachael! I sure wish you could have been here too! We miss you. Hoping we can make it home sometime this summer.


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