February 21, 2013

California Trip

I've decided I need to support my amazing little sister by blogging more. If she can post amazing things nearly daily, I can at least post something weekly :) Mandy works full time, has two little ones, is in great shape, is a supporting and loving sister, owns two homes, and is married to her best friend. If she has time to blog, so should I right?! So, it was tricky deciding what to write about first. The twins are thankfully asleep, Cole is in Montessori school (8:30 to 11:30) and Jacob is flying in CA right now. Which leaves me to my computer for about an hour before time starts rushing again. My husband is a pilot and recently had training in LA, CA for nearly a month. We just didn't want to be apart that long, so we ALL went with him. The airplane ride there made me think this was a terrible decision, but all in all, it was a great trip.

When traveling with three under the age of 4, I recommend:
1) A Residence Inn with two rooms (we stayed in Manhattan Beach and I could walk many places)
2) Activities to keep your toddler busy
3) Eating in more than out
4) Planned activities for every other day

Hotel:Our hotel was just right. We did have two rooms, and one was upstairs, so for a makeshift gate, we used a cardboard box. It worked great! It's too slippery for the babies to climb over, just lay it flat on the steps and wedged up on the sides. I did order two eating chairs that were delivered to the hotel - but word of note - if you attach them to your carseats, the airlines will accept them as "baby gear" usually.

Fun: We made several outings, including the beach, indoor play areas, playgrounds on pretty days, Target every other day, gardens, a museum, zoo, and an observatory. I brought some things for Cole to work on during morning naps. One is a sorting activity. I cut out color circles and put them in a muffin tin. He used tweezers to place pom poms in their matched color spot. But when he got bored of the pom poms, he sorted his tiny Squinky toys (his idea).

Was the trip difficult - absolutely. Were there challenges - yes. Was I tired - unbelievably. Would I do it again - no doubt :) We had a great time and were blessed with the opportunity to go. 

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  1. I love reading all of Mandy's posts so it was really fun to read yours Missy! I hope we can get all of our little ones together this summer!! Jen


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