January 22, 2013

Amazing Places - 4

Well, no responses about the amazing places series so I'll keep showing a few more for now, but plan to blog about some fun things I have been working on in the house as well this month.

This amazing place is the Berliner Hutte in Austria. This hut is over 130 years old and it's no easy feat to get here. You have to hike a minimum 17km up into the mountains to reach this hut sitting at the base of a sadly, receding glacier. It is worth every bit of the hike. You can sleep at the hut in hostel style rooms (plenty are private), and they even have a nice restaurant. If you are an alpine club member, rooms are super cheap (under 15 euros per person). Otherwise, they cost about 24 euros or so.

We have done the hike three times. For climbing enthusiasts, you're in a mecca of excellent sport climbing at the base town in Ginzling, and there are boulders all the way up to and around the hut as well.

Once you are at the hut, there are loads of beautiful hikes to more huts, apline lakes, and peaks. I personally enjoyed all the farm animals everywhere! Many are just free to roam as they please which I just LOVED!

Hoping to return here again someday with the kids. I just know they will love seeing all the animals and breathtaking views. You can buy fresh milk and cheese on the way up and stop for beers and some goulash to refuel your tank at two guesthouses along the way. A perfect way to spend a long weekend in Austria. If you plan to go, make sure it is summer. You hike up to 2800 meters or so and will need winter clothes. Tschuess!

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