January 16, 2013

Amazing Places - 2

Les Vignes, Gorge Du Tarn, France. 

I must say, my favorite place to vacation in Europe tends to be France. Partly because I can speak a little French, partly because the food is so fabulous, partly because of the gites, and mainly for the amazing scenery and excellent climbing! Gites are wonderfully restored old farmhouses that are incredibly affordable. Check out this website  if you are going to France. I recommend staying in a gite over a hotel any day.

This one, Les Vignes, is located at the top of the Gorge Du Tarn in southeastern France, up a very tiny, windy, freaky road. We rented the place in the off season for less than 300 euros for the entire week! The house has a fully loaded kitchen, living room, and 2 bedrooms. For you climbers out there, it is located just minutes away from the amazing cliffs of Gorge Du Tarn and Gorge De La Jonte.

Upon arrival, the friendly landlords who live across the street left us a basket of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and other goodies straight from the garden. Delightful. Isn't it so charming? See the pumpkins?

This is the view of the gite from the fields below.

Here is the gorge view while driving up to the gite. It was a bit hazy at sunrise.

 This is a village only accessible by boat in the Gorge.

 Adjacent to a pharmacy in the nearest village, I couldn't resist taking a photo of this awesome French home.

I took this picture of my friend Michelle climbing in the Gorge while hanging from the anchor of an adjacent climb while 6 months pregnant. I was so uncomfortable, but the pictures were worth it!

Au revoir!


  1. Were you six months pregnant and hanging, or was Michelle? In other words, you both were up high,but you were pregnant with Lily? Gadzooks is all I can say. And the photos of the gite and surrounds are fabulous.

    1. We were both up high... And I was pregnant with Cooper at the time.


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