January 15, 2013

Amazing Places - 1

One of the greatest perks about living over here in Germany is the ability to travel to so many amazing places so easily. I'm creating a series of Amazing Places we have stayed and that I would love to stay in while living over here. I'll start with Sicily, in the villa we recently stayed.

Villa La Firriato in San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily. We rented it through this website  http://www.villeinitalia.com/. I tried to pull up the direct link, and it is no longer available to rent! This place was beautiful, but if we returned, we decided we'd rather rent a villa right at the beach. This was 2 miles or so up the hill from the beach. Gorgeous view. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, but no bathtub. We'd improvised and used a stone sink in the outdoor kitchen as a bathtub, our favorite part about the place! The kids loved it. The house also had an indoor kitchen, washer, and nice living room area. The yard was amazing. Pomegranate trees, olive trees, cacti, lavender, almond trees, yuccas, aloes, and the list goes on and on. 
Villa La Firriato
Stone Sink "Bath" in the outdoor kitchen

Front Porch

Gorgeous Yard. Making a Collection of bugs, shells, and nuts/berries with Cooper.

The living room and kitchen.

The walkway to the villa

Lavender bushes overtaking the walkway

The Back Patio View

Geesh, can't wait for another long holiday weekend! We're headed to Vienna for President's Day weekend when my parents arrive. Can't wait. Although, sure wish we were returning here for warm weather. One day... 

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