January 11, 2013

Bath Time

One of our favorite times of the day each and every day is bath time. The kids both always love it, and the bath always makes Lily nice and ready for bed. Once in a while, we like to make it a little fun, and add a theme. When I was a kid, we always liked "Skinny Dipping" bath nights! My kids are just the same. We light a bunch of candles around the bathroom, add seashells to the bath tub, turn out the lights, and pretend we are at the beach swimming at night.

My friend Tina, an amazing photographer, took these a few years back of my son. He was so chubby and adorable!

Today I discovered a website with tons of amazing bath tub theme nights! Most I don't think I would try because of the clean up/effort, but a few look simple and fun. I will have to give a few a try this month! The website has a lot of good ideas of activities to do with little ones. Check it out. I think Cooper would love this Pirate Bath theme.


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