May 21, 2015


A long time ago, sixteen years in fact, Frank and I went on a trip of a lifetime. We were interns in France, working on vineyards for 5 weeks, then spent another 5 weeks taking the euro rail from country to country climbing and camping along the way or staying in hostels. Boy did we have a good time. That trip gave us both the travel bug big time and made us want to live in Europe. We searched for years and finally ended up over here in Germany, just like we dreamed of all those years ago. Back then, I had just started climbing. Our first stop on our European adventure? Fontainebleau, France. The mecca of bouldering. It was better than I could ever have imagined and brought us back no less than eight times over the last sixteen years.

Last weekend was our eighth trip. While driving there, Frank and I reminisced all our visits, especially our first time way back in 1999. Then again for our honeymoon in 2004. Frank so kindly exclaimed "Cooper is closer to your age of our first visit to Font then you are now". I think I might have had a mild heart attack. Yup. 16 years ago for me, and only 13 years for Cooper to reach age 19. Not sure if I am more upset about how I can possibly be so far from 19, or how close Cooper is to being so grown up. Freak out moment.

The 30s, these child rearing days, they are so wonderful and precious, but gosh darn it, why do they go so fast! Everyone always tells me "enjoy these moments with your kids while they are little, they don't last long." I know that people. I know to live in the present and all that good stuff, but no one ever tells you really how hard that is to do, or the best way to do that. This past weekend in Font with the kids, bouldering in the woods all day outside, I really tried to live in that moment. The joy of spending full days, from morning to night with my family, worn out from fresh air, good food, and laughter.

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  1. I too feel they are growing too fast. My husband tells me to look forward to all the things we will be able to do together the older they get. But i just want them to stay little! Lol


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