April 21, 2015

Deer losing antlers and more randomness

Did you know that deer lose their antlers every year? I remember this fact from ninth grade biology, but what I didn't remember hearing or learning was how painful it looks. Cooper and I were so sad for the deer we saw last weekend. To be nice to you all, I left out the gory photos of blood running down their heads. Ow! And the poor boys looked like they felt scared and sad, almost like a dog wearing the cone of shame. Cooper was determined to cheer them up though and did a great job feeding them and chatting with them sweetly. I tried to research it some bit, and researchers believe the bucks build up enough endorphin to mask the pain. I'm not buying it. And I'm Dr. Doolittle and speak deer, just in case you were wondering how I became the expert.

 These days, Cooper is in the amazing imagination phase of life. We became space warriors attacking aliens that were hiding in forts while sitting in this net. We were pretty awesome at defending our spaceship I must say. Even Lily.

Yeah, he pretty much has endless energy. Still. He jumps circles around his sister all the time. Glad that soccer season has started up, and tennis in just a week. And it's finally warm enough to climb outside! Gotta love spring. 

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