February 19, 2015

Lily is Three!

My little girl is three today! Three folks! Three years ago we moved to Germany, and this baby was still in my tummy. Now she dances, talks, sings, and brings us so much laughter and joy every single day. Tonight we'll have a frozen party complete with a homemade strawberry Elsa birthday cake, presents, and dress up and dancing. Can't wait to hear her giggles and see her jump for joy tonight. I love this girl, my Lily Kate.
This Week's Lilyism:
We have some pretty drawn out conversations in the bathroom sometimes... this one really made me giggle.
"Why is my poop brown? I don't like brown. I want purple poop." As I laughed and kissed her head "No mom! You can't kiss me while I poop. That's icky".

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