February 3, 2015

Growing Up

Just when I start to get all weepy about Cooper turning 6 this week, I instantly realize how awesome and great it is to experience our children growing up. Last weekend we took advantage of all the snow and drove to the Czech border for some awesome cross country skiing.  Last year this wouldn't have been so easy with our little four year old.... This year, we rented skis for Cooper and voila! He instantly could ski. This handsome kid amazes me all the time. Next week we'll be taking him to Austria for some down hill ski lessons. Can't wait! So thankful for these moments. 

 As for this little two year old (I can only say that for 2 more weeks!), we had fun sledding and hanging out at the ski hut together playing I spy. You can see her in the picture of the boys skiing above dressed in a pink snowsuit by the hut. 

Birthday posts are soon to come! Cooper is having a Star Wars themed party and Lily wants Frozen princess everything. 

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