January 27, 2015

Valentine's Day Easy Project

Let’s welcome February with a fun and easy little decorating project, Valentine’s Day wall art.

If any of you are like me, once all the Christmas decorations are packed away, my house feels empty and the walls sparse.  My dining room walls and table tops were covered in green and red foliage from wreaths to poinsettias, and now they are so empty.  In an attempt to add a little fun décor for Valentine’s Day this year, and to fill the void on my dining room wall, I quickly spray painted some $2 dollar wood panels with my kids this weekend.

  • Thin wood boards/panels  that are the same size
  • Red Spray Paint
  • Painters Tape
  • Cardstock (to make the heart)
  • Hanging Clips
To make the hearts, take a piece of cardstock and fold in half. Draw half a heart on the fold, cut out, open up, and use the heart shape as a template for the wall art.  
For the outer boards, use painters tape to cover the edges of the board in order to make a natural frame.  Place double sided painters tape under the heart to make sure the heart stays natural colored.
For the center board, use painters tape to make the frame, and then add more tape to make an inner frame just inside the outer frame. Remove the outer frame tape for this board to make the frame red instead of natural wood.  Place painters tape to cover everything inside the frame, except the heart.  I used scissors to trim the tape edges next to the heart.  
Take the three boards outside and spray paint red.  Allow the paint to dry overnight.

The next day, peel away the tape to reveal your new wall art!

Now hang with little metal clips (I used curtain hangers from IKEA) on nails and enjoy your new décor!

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