January 30, 2015

A Roller Coaster Restaurant

A few weekends ago, our friends invited us to try out dinner in Nuremburg at a Roller Coaster restaurant called Baggers. At first I imagined there would be a roller coaster for us to ride on, but when we got there, what a fun surprise! The food comes down on roller coasters, winding through tunnels and towers and some even make loops!

It was pretty awesome! You are handed a little tablet device when you come in that you use to order your food, and a few minutes later, a cute little carrier comes down your table's roller coaster bringing drinks and food.

I checked out the reviews of the place on tripadvisor, and some people complained about the food, but honestly, you are not going there for the food experience, its all about the entertainment. The food was good, just not the healthiest options. We had such a good time, and so did our kids! Have any of you been to a place like this before in the states? I hadn't...

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