October 7, 2014

O' zapft is!

As I've written about before (for instance here and here), living in Germany, we get to experience first hand some interesting cultural differences. This past weekend was one of those experiences. An Oktoberfest Festival at our children's kindergarten complete with keg, beer, rides, sausages and accordion music, plus adorable little kids putting on a show for us.

I'm not sure what the funniest part of the day was... watching Lily walk around as a sausage, or watching her four year old friend tapping the keg and yelling O' Zapft is (it's tapped) at the top of his lungs to start the party.

 Lily didn't think being a wiener was near as funny as I did, crying as they put it on her. Cooper on the other hand proudly wore his dog costume and yelled out his lines when it was his turn on the stage. We let his curls grow out this huge as part of the costume... no not really, I'm just a slacker.
No Oktoberfest is complete without Gingerbread cookies. They always look so tasty, but really, they taste like cardboard. Cooper wanted to make sure first hand and finished half.

And the requisite face paintings.

Oh isn't she just so kissable in her little pink and green dirndl! Living in Germany does have some awesome perks. Festivals are one of the many.

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