October 8, 2014

Lillian and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Some days are just like that, even in Germany...

Well, not really. Lily somehow just manages to be grumpy when I'm taking photos these days. If I ask her to smile, it is a crooked mouth, eyes closed, goofy face. If I keep taking them, then she gives me the grump face and turns away from me. I still can't resist to keep taking them though, especially when she looks so cute in a dress, stockings and pink boots (all her own choices for a hike on a muddy trail).

 Waiting for me in this picture above to come help her jump off the log. In the next three pictures, as long as she doesn't see me taking the pictures, I can capture her in thought. Wouldn't you love to know what their little minds are thinking about all the time?
As for this big guy? He doesn't stand still long enough to capture him in thought. I was racing to keep up with him on the trail on his bike. 

 Gotta love these fall days. Perfect days for hiking in the woods and balancing on logs. And for capturing the personalities of my little ones.

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