September 3, 2014

Garden Veggies

We're back home and what a nice surprise I found yesterday when I went to check on our garden. Veggies! Finally! No broccoli or brussel sprouts yet, but at least our peppers, tomatoes and green beans have been successful. I'll be making some homemade salsa this weekend and can't wait to share the recipe if it's successful.

Recently, I read an article "Why gardening is good for your health", and you wouldn't believe all the benefits gardening can have for your physical and mental health! Number one, gardening can fight stress even better than other relaxing leisure activities, and depression. Additionally, the food you grow yourself is the freshest food you can eat and healthiest. My kids wouldn't normally eat raw green beans and tomatoes, but when they are outside picking them with me, they can't help but munch on a few and actually love them that way. And oh my, they just taste so much better straight from the garden.

Any of you readers garden for a hobby? Since we're renting, I haven't really done so much with the flowers and shrubs, but I sure would like to get into that one day as well.

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