July 17, 2014

Vacation photos: Mallorca Spain

Hello! I'm finally posting some photos from our mini vacation to Mallorca for the 4th of July weekend. This year, I tried to book the same agriturismo (farm stay) as last year, but it was unavailable. So we ended up staying in Cala Santanyi (east coast) at Chalet Sa Roca Fesa right near a beach with climbing we love. We had a two bedroom apartment overlooking the sea, and loved it. I'd highly recommend the place, but the island is literally covered in amazing rentals and its hard to go wrong anywhere in Mallorca. Here are a few photos of our trip this year, if you'd like to see...
We started our vacation in Memmingen, to hop on a cheap Ryan Air flight direct to Palma.
My 2 euro 2 sip ginger ale
The flight is just over 1.5 hours with views of the alps in every direction. Here is Mont Blanc.
Chalet Sa Roca Fesa. We stayed on the second floor.
Views from the Apartment
The perfect place to just sit and relax in the evenings with a nice view and the Tijuana climbing crag in the background.

Beaches make sleepy babes

Old Navigation Compass from an old ship the landlord showed Frank

The landlord of the chalet is an artist and there are paintings and sculptures all over the grounds.

The front of the Chalet

Walking from the Chalet down to Cala Santanyi

With two pools at the Chalet, we spent each evening and morning playing right at our place. The views were amazing and we had a grill right by the baby pool that made grilling out so easy and perfect with the kids! Loved having that little pool for Lily and Cooper. They played so well together in it for hours. 

The beach of Cala Santanyi was only a 5 minutes walk down a steep hill. I didn't take our nice camera to the beach in fear of getting sand and salt water on it, but we used our iPhone to capture a few photos of our days. When we arrived the first day, the wind was crazy and the waves were HUGE. Cooper had so much fun jumping and dodging them.

Both kids thought it was hilarious to be buried in the sand.
Cold showers to clean off endless sand.
Hiking through the National Park Mondrego after a day at the beach.

Every day a man (with his son or wife) comes with a wheelbarrow full of fresh watermelon, coconuts, bananas and pineapples to the beach and cuts them for you on the spot. We always give in and buy them because nothing tastes better at the beach on a hot day! Pretty much all we ate for lunch every day!
Beaches in general, especially in Europe, have some pretty comical things going on. Frank and I have some sick humor and just could not stop laughing about these guys pulling their shorts up into wedgies to sun bathe. I was trying to capture Frank pulling off the look, but man, I should have had him take off the shirt to get the full effect.

Dinner at the Beach. Couldn't ask for a more perfect location.
Ice cream or Popsicles every day!

Mallorca is one of our favorite places. Frank votes it as his all time fave. It is always sunny and warm, there are beautiful beaches, snorkeling, fishing, history, amazing food, markets, crafts, and of course, amazing climbing. Where else can you beat all that?

Perfect vacation really and so very needed. Beaches, pools, relaxing, pizza and ice cream. I'm ready to go back!

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