June 11, 2014

Ten Years!

Hey everyone! I know, I've disappeared from this blog for the last couple of weeks. For good reason. I have been all over the place for work! After Austria, I flew to Seattle for a conference and major exam, met up with some good old friends while there, and came back home. Then left again this week for another conference and exam and am just getting  back today. Hoping to stay put for a while and get back into routines. I feel like my sleep, diet and exercise routines really took a toll for the worse the last two weeks and it's getting to me.

Tomorrow is our tenth anniversary! I can't believe it. Really can't. How have 10 years already passed? I so wish we could be up at Lake Leelanau to celebrate and reminisce.  I started thinking about our wedding day and looking again at all our photos. Man, I want to go back in time and repeat that day a thousand more times.


Frank Byron, I love you. Always have and always will.

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