June 18, 2014

New Pets

Last weekend, after climbing, we went out to dinner at a place we like to call Steak on a Rock. It's in a little town we love called Pottenstein, in the heart of the Frankenjura climbing, and full of touristy fun things (a cave, paddle boats, a fishery, about 7 breweries, and an awesome luge like roller coaster thingy called a Rodelbahn). Steak on a Rock, otherwise known as Schluttersmuhle, serves everything from crocodile and kangaroo to filet mignon, and each is served raw and ready for you to cook on a super hot stone. Pretty fun and tasty.

Anyhow, I digress. As we were waiting for our food, Cooper started playing around the little pond they have, normally full of fish. This year, its low, with algae and lots and lots of tadpoles! Cooper was in heaven. He caught four, and of course, we brought them home and now Kermit, Gurken, and the other two whose names I can't remember are quite the happiest little tadpoles you ever did see.

This is how they started out. Well, actually, this is two days in. At first, their legs were little stubby feet, with no length.

And here you see how they look one week later. They have arms!

Aren't they cute?  You might be wondering what we're feeding them. Boiled lettuce all shredded up and some fish food. They seem to like both. We'll have to change their habitat and food as they grow up, but, I'll keep you posted on these guys. Pretty nice little learning/science project and a fun pet to keep us all entertained.

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