May 13, 2014

Mothers Day

Hello everyone! I don't even know where to start! I have been pretty absent the last month from the blog. Work has me every which way this month, and my mom is over here visiting, plus we had my aunt and cousin visit one weekend and my brother in law visit another weekend. We've visited Prague and Regensburg, Lily starting going to German Kindergarten, and I finished a Counselor Training Course to boot...

Mothers Day was wonderful, especially because I had my mom here! Frank let me sleep in, had beautiful flowers waiting for me, and made me a big breakfast. Cooper's school put on the cutest show in the world for all the moms on Friday. Complete with songs, dancing, and telling us why they love us on a little stage, and bringing us the sweetest card and paper floral bouquet. Lily was so good and stayed on the stage the whole time, the tiniest one.

My mother-in-law wanted nothing more than a group photo of the whole family for Mothers Day, something I planned on doing monthly way back in January, and FINALLY, we sat down together and set the timer for a family photo. While I had it out, it was the perfect time to capture some photos of my mom with her grand kids. Something I wish I had with my grandmas. I don't have a single picture I realized of me with my mom's mom. She died when I was only 6 from Leukemia. While looking at photos of grandma with my mom on Sunday, she was asking me if I remembered her. Somehow, I really do. Just a few precious memories, but they are there.

I wish there were more memories.  I wish I knew her better and oh how I wish I had those pictures of us.

I am also sitting here wishing my kids had more time with their foo foo. She leaves tonight, and the thought has me homesick already. Germany is a long long way from Kentucky.

So happy and thankful we've had this time together. For planes that make visits feasible, and for cameras that captures these fleeting, but oh so precious moments.

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