May 8, 2014

Books & Food

Does anyone else get cravings for food mentioned in books?  I just finished The Lady by Judy Higgins, a grandparent at my daughter's school.  It is a novel about a teenage girl growing up in Georgia during the 1950's.  Woven throughout the book are references to typical southern weather, beautiful plants & especially southern food.  I made ham and butterbeans for the first time last week.  They were hearty, filling & yummy.  But my biggest craving has been for Lemon Icebox Pie which I found a wonderful recipe for on Saving Room for Desserts
I made this delicious pie for our Derby party this past weekend.  It was perfect and just as I imagined Quincy Bruce eating it, in the waning heat of a summer evening on the back porch of her aunt's home in Wilson, Georgia.  Next on my list is divinity!  Turns out it's not just a Christmas treat in the South.

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