May 23, 2014

Friday I'm in Love

 Memorial Day weekend! Yeah! What are you all up to this weekend? We're headed down to Austria for some bouldering in the alps and staying at a nice apartment in a ski resort town. Super excited. On Monday though, Frank drops me off at the Munich airport where I then fly to Seattle. Sure going to miss my family, but it is just until Sunday I keep telling my self.

Last night while tickling a story on Cooper's back, he wanted to hear one about me getting in trouble as a kid.  I've told him quite a few already, and am running out, but last night, a good one came back to me. A Madame Spugies story. Doesn't that name just sound scary? Spugies. Spooky. Yeah, she was spooky alright. I was terrified of her and for good reason. She didn't like me. Seriously picked on me and this boy David all the time. I thought it was because I wasn't Canadian like the other kids, but my best friend Erin was American, and she loved her, so that debunked my theory. 

Madame Spugies was French Canadian, and my fourth grade teacher in Belgium. She had pleather skin and foul banana fish breath. Awful. I would get a whiff of it in my face daily as she scolded me in front of the other kids over things such as lazy artwork on my part. One day, Chris Urbaniak, a nasty little boy in our class who ate boogers on a regular basis, wiped a booger on my brand new pink eraser. Vomit. Repulsion. I was totally disgusted and beyond anger.


Yup. I grabbed out my stinky strong glue (the type in a glass jar with a paint brush) and glued his pink eraser down to his desk while he was in a different French class for an hour. When he came back, I was trying so hard to hold back the laughter. Fail. Chris instantly knew what I did and told Madame Spugies. I hid under my desk to tie my shoe at this point, and felt a hard tug on my ear, dragging me across the floor, banana and fish sprinkles spraying in my face as she shouted at me in anger. Gag.

My chin started quivering. No tears, not yet! And then I was sent to the principals office.

Felicity Sparling. Isn't that a wonderful name? And wonderful she was. Felicity was the happiest, most cheeriest curly headed, British accented principal in the whole world. With rosy pink cheeks and shiny blue watery eyes that squint with happiness wrinkles. Felicity inquired in her sweet voice "I never expected to see you in my office. Why did you glue Chris's eraser to his desk?"

In a whaling, snotty attempt to talk, "because he wiped a big snot booger on mine!".

Felicity responded, "Is that so? I'd have done the same thing!".

Ha ha! Yes! Vindication!

As I finished up my story, Cooper said "Mom... How come all your stories start out bad, but end happy? You never really get in trouble."

Oh Cooper, I love you.
As always, it is Friday after all, so here are some fun finds from this week:

Another reason to NEVER use your phone while driving. 

A new mom blog I'm diggin and this one just cracks me up all the time!

I want to do this with our outdoor grill shelf. A coffee table like they posted would be awesome as well.

Anyone have a 12-15 year old that knows what they want pursue? Check this out!


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