May 21, 2014

Bedtime Routines

When Cooper was born, I think I read every sleep habits book possible. One thing that every book did have in common was the need for setting up routines for bedtime at an early age. We started  routines with both our kids that goes something like this: dinner, bath, brush teeth, two books, lights out, and then drawing on the back with a personal or made up story, cuddles, at last sleep.  I cherish this routine and its probably my favorite time of day now that both kids are so used to it and enjoy it so much as well.

I've been super tired lately, and wondering to myself, why don't I follow these bedtime routine rituals myself! I think I would be a much happier well slept person if I would stick to a routine. Lately, I'm erratic. Bedtimes change nightly, some nights I read, sometimes a movie or a phone call with family, or sometimes I craft too late. I've noticed on nights when I'm in bed by 10, I feel so much better the next day, alert and not so moody. My patience increases and I'm just a better person all around. 

So, I'm going to try real hard to abide my bedtime routines this week for myself, and add back in reading a book or taking a nice long bath to relax. How about you all? What bedtime routines do you have in your home? What books are you reading at night these days?

PS - Next week, I'm headed to Seattle for work, and man oh man I'm worried about my sleep! The jet lag! My routine will be all whacked up, but hopefully I can get back in the groove quickly when I return. Any tips on places to eat or shop downtown in Seattle? I only have a few nights, but would love to hear your recommendations.

PS again - I 'll have to post more about our bedtime story rituals at some point. Cooper really enjoys me telling him stories of when I was naughty or got in trouble as a kid, but I'm running out of those quickly.

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