May 16, 2014

Friday I'm in Love

We're back to an empty house this weekend and unfortunately, the weather is cold and rainy over here in Germany right now. Been that way all week long. I still haven't been able to plant all my vegetables outside! The ones I did plant in April died when it dipped below freezing. :( Hoping to go to the garden store today and stock back up on seeds and some seedlings as well as make a trip to a bouldering gym with the kids. Cooper is getting super psyched on gym climbing now with us and I'm so happy! How about you all? Any gardening in store for the weekend?

Links I loved this week....

Seriously, apartments on an airplane!?
I so want to eat at this place!
Homemade vanilla. I truly want to make this for gifts this Christmas.
We've done dance parties with glow sticks, but with balloons, this would take the party to the next level!
I love this game and what an easy DIY!

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