April 24, 2014

Living in Germany - Best Place for Imaginative Play

Playmobil Fun Park is by far the coolest place I have ever taken my kids in Germany to play. It is relatively cheap (kids under 3 are free, and only 6 euros for kids under 15), and has more hands on play then any amusement park I have ever visited. Perfect for even toddlers. Sand boxes, parcours split up by age groups, water parks, life size playmobil castles, ships, tree houses, dinasaurs, jungles, farms, arcs, and the longest slides I have ever seen winding around through trees and under nets. 
Lily on the two year old Parcour

King Cooper and Queen Lillian

Bring extra clothes or swim suits for your kids! I came prepared this visit.

I had the pleasure of taking my kids there yesterday. Unfortunately, so did every other German in the country. It is Easter Break in Bavaria right now, and all the kids are out of school this week. I would recommend never going during the German holidays and try to go on a week day. It was insanely crowded. However, we had a grand ol time and stayed for as long as we could before having to head back for a T-ball game.

If you are ever in Germany with kids, this place is a must to visit! It is only 10 minutes outside of Nuremberg. Check the website for more info and directions. You won't be disappointed.

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