March 18, 2014

Book of the Month


This book, by Adam Rubin is seriously hilarious. I checked it out at the library last week, and we've read it almost every night as part of our bedtime routine, because it is simply that good.

The author uses modern zany vernacular, which makes it even better, and super fun to read out loud. Words like Booyah! Racoon wants nothing else in life more than pizza (I completely understand). Reasons being, "...the gooey cheesy-ness, salty pepperoni-ness, sweet, sweet tomato-ness, and crispy, crunchity crust".

Problem is, every time our furry hero tries to help himself, he's chased off by broom wielding people and robots! Which brings an image to my mind of my mother, chasing raccoons in the middle of the night from our cabin in Michigan. The raccoons had found our garbage closet, made a mess, and my mom chased after them with a broom (of course). That is another story to tell sometime on this blog for sure.

The action culminates with Raccoon crashing a secret pizza party! He uses his natural raccoon mask to blend in with the other masquerading guests (people). Alas, it's too good to be true, and out come the brooms one more time...

You'll love this book as much as your kid, I promise. The pictures are just perfect for this hilarious story. Can't wait to look for more books by this author at our library.

Have any of you read it before? What did you think? Any other great ones like this you can recommend for five year olds?

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