March 20, 2014

Amazing Places - Sardinia, Italy

Happy first day of Spring everyone! It is actually beautifully sunny and warm today, so fitting! I am dreaming about vacations again and where we should go this year. We want to explore new places (like Scandanavia, southern Croatia, Greece or Turkey), but something also keeps calling me back to places we've been. One such place is Sardinia.
Cala Luna in Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is a climber's paradise. For real. The beaches are gorgeous, the climbing amazing, and the food and sights so refreshing. The island is not very populated (more sheep than Sardinians live there), and the scenery is breathtaking. Frank and I chose Sardinia for our honeymoon way back in 2004. Loved every minute of it. However, did not love the fact that our suitcases were lost, all except for our climbing gear. I had imagined sexy lingere for evenings and fancy dresses for our dinners out. Instead, I wore what I came on the plane in, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, with target underwear I washed nightly in our bathroom sink. Romantic eh? ;) Didn't matter. We bought swimsuits at the grocery store and lived in those for the week. (Prepare yourself for a lot of photos, we couldn't take enough of this place).

Amazing yacht in the bay of Cala Gonone.  Turned out it was Paul Allen's yacht, co-founder of Microsoft.  Yes, that is a helicopter on the back. It is the 9th largest yacht in the world.

See the face? Cala Goloritz

Grotta del Bue Marino, the cave goes back 15km!

Frank bouldering the granite in Capo Testa

Jumping around Cala Fuili climbing crags

Balcony views of Cala Gonone

We decided to spend our whole week in Cala Gonone, a very small village located on the east coast of the island, about 2.5 hours from Alghero and 3 hours north of Cagliari. You can fly into either airport super cheap on Ryan Air or Air Berlin from Europe. The reason we picked Cala Gonone was for the spectacular sport climbing located by the town, and for the famous beaches of Cala Luna and Cala Galoritz, both which are only reachable by boat! We rented the one in the above photo for a day and had the time of our lives checking out each bay. Just gorgeous, and so much fun.

In 2006, we decided we needed a return visit, and this time we went with my parents, and added in a tour of all the famous sights and cities of the northern part of Sardinia. Castelsardo was definitely worth a visit, as is Alghero. Each night we stayed in a different hotel, and at one point, an Agriturismo. I'm happy to share if you are planning a trip. Just contact me (you'll find my e-mail here). Plenty of activities for out door enthusiasts, perhaps just lacking a little in the way of museums/large cities for those looking for more of a city trip. I'd highly recommend the island to anyone looking for a great beach destination in the Mediterranean.

A typical scene on the roads of Sardinia.

Farmers Market

Cool murals and spray painted walls in the tiny town of Orgosolo


Seeing these pictures makes me pretty sure a return visit is a must!

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