March 4, 2014

Cupcake Bath Bombs

 Good morning! Hope everyone is recovering today in the states from that cold snap that hit yet again yesterday! Over here in Germany, it was actually sunny and in the 50s! Feels good not to be on the receiving end this winter. Today, I'm sharing a preview of what I will be working on this month. Bath Bombs! Bath bombs in all shapes, sizes, scents, and colors. Preparing for a Craft Fair in April, and hoping small items will sell well. Not sure what else I'll make as well, but if anyone out there has some great ideas, please share! 

Back in December, I shared a Tutorial for how to make Lush Knock off Bath Bombs. We pretty much make them biweekly in our house because we all love them. Once I've perfected the Cupcake bath bomb recipe, I'll share that with you as well. For now, I'm thrilled with the appearance, but not thrilled with how they dissolve. The icing was lumpy and floated around too long for my liking....

As you can tell, these look so delicious and edible. However, they are not.  My kids seriously wanted to sneak a bite, so I decided to make some real cupcakes while hiding these away. We quickly made up a small batch of coconut flour gluten free cupcakes with chocolate icing that were delicious and satisfied the kids.

Lily only licked the chocolate icing and managed to get more of it on her face and hands than in her mouth. Can't say I did that much better with my own. We didn't wait for the cupcakes to cool long enough before icing. Who can?!

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