February 13, 2014

Almost Two

My baby girl is turning two in just a week. I can't stand it. Them growing up this fast. Where do all the days go? So thankful for digital cameras for capturing our days that disappear faster than I can catch my breath.

A letter to my little one to remember her the way she is right now forever.

Dear Lily,

Sweetest baby girl. You run and climb and try to be so big, demanding a real seat at the table and no more high chair. Yet, you won't let go of your bottle once you see it and still latch to all things soft and cuddly. You run with excitement over every little thing, and almost every time, your excited little feet can't keep up with you and you crash over a rug edge or door edge or something on the floor. But you hop back up and keep on going. Bubbles, drawing, going to the park, heading up for bath, daddy coming home, Cooper coming in the room, all things you do a happy dance for.

My favorite thing right now is how you talk. You are saying so much now and in the cutest little voice. "I yuv you" as you hug us and pat our back or touch my cheeks. Oh, and the way you sing! You sing and dance at the same time and I just want to squeeze you up! A B C G B C A  as you bounce up and down bending your knees, twisting at the waist for each letter. And if I join in, I get that cross look from you and you stop, waiting for me to quit singing. Ha!

When you see your tutu you instantly have to put them on, along with your Bzzzzz bzzzzz (butterfly wings). You could spend the whole day in that outfit if I'd let you. And your swimsuit. You like to pull it on over your clothes and rub it up and down feeling the smoothness as you prance around.

I can't sit next to you on the couch, you insist on sitting in my lap when we watch a movie with Cooper, or read a book, and always need your "inkie" (blankie). You kiss all the animals in your books, and now the pages stick and have torn and you kiss the "owies" (tears) that your kisses have created.

You can climb out of everything and up anything now, but you are so good and listen to us and always try to please, so you still stay in your crib even when you wake up, talking to yourself gently while you wait for us to come. You help me do everything you can! You recycle while I cook, throw away any garbage you can, feed Maya, clean any spills right away, and love to clean up! Yes, you are the sweetest child my dear Lily. I yuv you so so dearly, my precious girl.



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