December 31, 2013

New Years Eve

Hey friends! I had planned on posting many times during this holiday season, but keep getting pulled away enjoying playing with my kids, cooking, and climbing. Yup. Can't complain. Although Lily has a throw up bug and I'm just praying we don't all get it for the New Year!

As for the New Year, what are your plans? Anyone have some fun traditions you can share? Growing up, we always had big parties at home because today is my twin sisters birthday. They are turning 40 today! Unreal. Happy Birthday you two! We'd play all kinds of funny games, eat fondue and cold cuts rolled up, and drink champagne. Then at midnight, we'd run outside and bang pots and pans as loud as we could up and down the street yelling Happy New Year!  Tonight I'm going to make fondue for sure. Since the kiddos will be in bed, we'll skip the pot banging this year and instead try to keep Maya (our Labrador retriever) from digging holes in our rug (the noises freak her out). I did get some small fireworks to set off with the kids early tonight as well, and will interview Cooper again.

Once the kids are asleep, Frank and I will sit down and makes some lists. One list will be a list of toleration (read her post for this to make more sense). Tolerations are things that mildly to moderately annoy you. For me, the list starts with 3 closets and drawers that have basically become junk drawers and in total disorder. Shades for Cooper's bedroom. Curtains that need to go up, curtains that need to be taken down. Little things that drive me crazy and are always in the back of my mind.  

Another list will be my goals for the coming year. Last year, we made a list of places we want to see still in Europe (tackling quite a few), climbing goals, health goals, and even blogging goals. I'm proud of myself for actually taking a photography class this year and putting my camera to use again! Here are my goals for this year.

1. Take 1 photo of each of my children once a week, every week of the year. 52 Photos.
2. Take one family photo a month. I could only find 2 photos of our whole family for the whole year!
3. Try a new recipe from my new cookbooks once a month.
4. Continue to tackle last years long term goals for travel, blogging, health, and climbing.

Happy New Year all! Goodbye 2013 and Hello 2014! 

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