December 17, 2013

Interview of the Year

While sorting through my folders on my computer, I came across some answers to a little interview I did last year with Cooper just before the new year. So glad I did this! I forgot I had, and this reminds me I need to do it again this year! He gave me all one word answers. I wonder if this year he'll add a little more insight... I might even add a few questions this year. If only Lily could say more than thirty words right now ;)

Year - 2012
Age - 3

What is your favorite color? Red
What was your favorite vacation this year? Sicily
What are your favorite places to go to in Germany? Frankische Wunderland, Mega Play, and Playmobil
Who is your best friend? Eli
What was your favorite gift this year for Christmas? Candy
What is your favorite food? Pizza
What is your favorite vegetable? Carrots
What is your favorite number? Three
What is your favorite book? Where the Wild Things Are
What was the hardest thing for you this year? Playing
What did you learn how to do well this year? Climbing
What do you want to learn how to do better next year? Speak German
What do you want to get better at next year? Playing

Oh man I love this boy.

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