October 17, 2013

We're Back

If you check here regularly, you've probably noticed its been quite a while since I posted. Almost a month in fact. Being furloughed in the beginning of October, I had lots of time off at home with the kids and took some fun hikes and park trips, my parent in-laws arrived, and we took a big long family vacation to Tuscany, Italy and just returned. So, I have lots of fun crafts, trips, and recipes to post as soon as I have a chance to catch up.

Don't you just hate to unpack after a trip? I think I have 3 loads of laundry left to do, and a full suitcase still to put away, and all our photos to upload to our computer. Plus an empty fridge. We'll get back in the groove soon, and so will my posting.

Lily and me in Florence

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