October 21, 2013

Living in Germany - Halloween

A few people have asked me about Halloween over here in Germany, and if Germans celebrate the holiday. Well, not exactly. They have a Catholic holiday they celebrate called All Saints Day (also known as All Hallows) on 1 November.  No trick or treating the night before. Although in the towns nearby American bases, many Germans do participate and go to the American housing areas for the candy.

The American neighborhoods/leased housing areas all participate just like in the states, with decorated yards and American candy from the Commissary (grocery store on base that is just like a Kroger or Meijers where we can get pretty much everything you can get back stateside). Plus there are parties on base hosted by various organizations, and the library does a nice little event that Cooper loves going to each year. So, we aren't missing out on any of the Holiday fun this time of year.

Speaking of Halloween, I can't get over the costumes ideas I am seeing these days, or the decoration inspiration! Check out these costume ideas for kids and these for couples and families. Too cute. The snail one and the Up one are my favorites I think.

Cooper wants to go as Robin Hood this year, so, I'm going to work on making a hat and tunic for him this week. He already has a bow and arrow. I'll post pictures if it is a success! As for Lily, I'm not sure what I'll dress her up as just yet. Working on it. How about you all? What costumes do you have planned?
A blast from the past... This is Cooper and Cole in 2010 dressed in matching lederhosen for Halloween.

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