September 20, 2013

Friday I'm in Love

Sunshine, come out come out wherever you are! Going on 9 days of cold and rain now in Bavaria. Cabin fever in September. But, we just booked a trip south, so I feel better already. Getting really spoiled living over here with Ryan Air and a gazillion amazing places to see so close for so cheap. Yes, I will boast. Our tickets are less than 80 euros round trip! Unreal. Now if we can just find the perfect place to stay. We literally analyze hundreds of places before we commit because it makes such an impact on the vacation. Last year we did Sicily. This year, Tuscany. Finally going to see Florence and the Cinque Terre, do some rock climbing and beach playing, and cook up some amazing fresh Mediterranean foods. So, if you've been there, please divulge in your favorite restaurants, sights, and places to stay! I'm giddy just thinking about it.

And, as tradition, here are some great finds from this week:

Unbelievably funny. This girl has funny down pat. The pictures of that bear head! Really brings me back to my high school days when my sister Tiffany had a yellow care bear huge head she would do the exact same things with! She picked me up from the airport once with it on and I had to sit on my foot I laughed so hard. Where is that head Tiff?! I need it.

I just love this Chipolte video that is a parody on our food industry. Fantastic. Watch it now for real.

What happened to crafting with me? Well, I have a ton of ideas planned for this fall. Been busy with guests and working out more and taking an online photography class that is wonderful. But I have plans to sew, paint and make some gifts for sure this fall. Hoping to improve my photos by taking this class and putting in some effort to actually learning how to use our DSLR.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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