September 6, 2013

Friday I'm in Love

Random tidbits:

1) This has been a short week, but a rough one for me. Umph. Just having a lot of troubles with parenting and wishing I knew how to fix them. I don't want to get too personal on here though or go into the details, but I found this really helpful resource yesterday that I am reading over and over. Trying to be more patient and loving and attentive and adding in some of these games to help as well. I'm stopping with time outs and doing time ins.

2) I'm so ready to clean up my house and get organized. I have boxes of clothes and a whole room literally cluttered with nothing but clothes that don't fit any of us anymore I need to get rid of. And toys. And kitchen junk that doesn't work or isn't used. What is wrong with me?! Why do I hold on to stuff so long? I liked this post about practicing simplicity and this one too. Glad to know others can empathize.

3) I love fun words and have always thought our language is so limited in certain emotional words. Mostly love. Definitely not enough words for the types of love. This post from Cup of Jo is awesome. 11 words from other countries that are not translatable in English. I think my favorite is the last one. Japanese have a word for the sunlight that filters through the trees! I want one too!

4) Lately we've been only using our phones to take pictures. I wish my iPhone had DSLR capabilities! It is so nice to just be able to e-mail right after snapping a photo. I upload all of ours to shutterfly and our family is able to order pictures whenever they want. Just so convenient. The problem is Frank and I both find ourselves looking at our phones much to much. This funny video  is so sad, but true.

5) Cooper started back at Kindergarten this week. Part of why (go back to 1) this has been a rough week. Anyhow, he had a massive fro going on, so I had a one on one outing with him last weekend to get it cut. He looks so darn precious.

6) Lily is adding so many words to her vocabulary every day it seems. Every time she sees foofoo lately (grandma), she makes monkey sounds and movements. Ha! And she wants to kiss and rub her face in anything soft and cuddly. She kisses every page in a book with a dog or a cat. She saw Maple's picture on the wall and was saying doggie over and over reaching for her and gave her a big fat kiss on the face. I think Maple is smiling in heaven.

7) Thank goodness it is Friday. Ready to enjoy our Indian Summer weather and climb outside with the family. Hoping to get some alone time with my mom before she leaves, with Frank before my mom leaves, and with Cooper to help with number (1) above. Can I make it happen!? My planning talents have been tossed aside the last month unfortunately, so we'll see. Been living maybe a little too much in the present, if that is possible.

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