September 12, 2013

Eating Real Food Update

Back in May, you might remember if you check our blog out here and there, I posted a little about "real food" and our efforts to be healthier.. Over the last couple of months, I have cleaned out my cupboards of processed foods and the majority of the food we are buying is real (tends to only come from the outer perimeter of the grocery store and not down the aisles). However, we're not 100%  there, nor do I know if we ever will be, but we have improved and I want to continue improving and reading as much as I can on the subject.  I started researching more and more sites with good real food recipes and will have to share a few that I have found, as well as some great books.

Last night, I watched this video on you-tube. Its a very inspiring TED talk by Doctor Terry Wahls on "Eating for your Mitochondria". You must check it out.

Simply whoa right? Changing her diet completely improved her health. Amazing. I definitely do not eat near enough greens. Not even close. And even worse, I have never tried Kale in my whole life. Not once that I know of at least. I am determined this week to buy some and try it out. Doesn't this inspire you to eat for your mitochondria? Although, personally, I could never cut out all my dairy and starches. I don't want to. I suppose if I had a debilitating disease like MS, yes I could and most definitely would. I love cheese and bread dearly.

As far as eating real food with kids, it really hasn't been too tough. Lily and Cooper are both getting better and better at trying new things and even eat their vegetables first at the table without prompting. At the grocery, I just try to give both something healthy to eat while we go up and down the aisles, and that usually helps prevent any pleads to buy processed or junk foods.

Also, growing a lot of vegetables and fruits really made the kids appreciate and enjoy them more. Both love to pick the tomatoes, peppers, green beans, grapes, and broccoli straight from the plants to eat. Here Lily is not too excited about biting into a Jalapeno earlier this week. Ha! I accidentally planted about 10 jalapeno plants instead of bell peppers. The seeds looked the same, at least so I thought...

We're already approaching very cold temps and need to turn on the heat, so we're going to attempt and bring a lot of our garden indoors for the winter, and plant some more as well up in the kids play room. It has a huge counter under a long row of windows that gets a lot of afternoon sunlight.

If any of you out there have some indoor gardening links/tips for me, I'd love them. I have a lot of researching to do I think to make it work!

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