May 3, 2013

Living in Germany - Getting Around

Last night I took a nice long walk with my lab Maya and couldn't stop feeling so thankful for all the walking paths EVERYWHERE here in Germany. No joke, there are pedestrian/bike paths connecting from here all the way to Vienna, Austria. Every single town has greenways. They do it right. So right. I love it.

On Sundays, you will see hoards of families out on the walking paths. It is a tradition/custom. Stores aren't open, so it is the perfect day to spend time with family and spend time outside.

As you can see from the pictures, we get a lot of rain in spring.
  Not only are there millions of walking paths, most of the towns have train stations. Makes it so nice and easy to travel all over Europe. Our kids travel free and we can use a Bavarian Pass to travel with five people anywhere in Bavaria for 24 hours for 26 euros or so. Pretty nice deal. We don't use it enough.

Maybe our next trip down to Munich or Nuremberg we can all pile into the train. The kids love it, and so do I. Definitely my favorite mode of transportation. How about you, if you could take a trip, let's say to a place just two hours away, would you go by plane, train, or car? 

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