May 29, 2013

Amazing Places # 7 - Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda
With vacations and Spain on my mind, I figured it was time to add another Amazing Place post. Three years ago, when Cooper was just Lily's age, we were lucky enough to go to Virgin Gorda with Frank's parents. Virgin Gorda is simply amazingly beautiful. It is only about 8 miles long, and the entire southern end of the island is covered in large granite boulders, a climbers Paradise. However, it is always about 85-90 degrees on the island, year long. The island is very mountainous and covered in a scrub forest with tropical flowers all over, and lizards, and chickens and wild goats. It was not very busy there at all when we were there, but we came in the off season. The water was so warm I never even had to hesitate to get in which was wonderful. White sandy beaches, coral reefs and loads of life to see while snorkeling.

Our villa Serendipity was incredible. Right on a point with our own private beach and pool. 3 bedrooms, a new granite counter top kitchen, and nice big open windows with an amazing view. I would highly recommend this place.

 One night we took a free taxi ferry to "The Bitter End", which is a resort with a few restaurants on an secluded part of Virgin Gorda you can only get to by boat. I felt like we were off a set from so many movies I have seen in the Caribbean.  There are all kinds of amazing small islands around there owned privately and by various countries. Since we were in the British Islands, we had to drive on the left. I should say Frank had to drive on the left, because he did all the driving on the trip.

Perfect place to go for a honeymoon, family vacation, scuba diving trip, or bouldering trip.

Our dock lined with conch shells - conchs were everywhere, we found dozens just snorkeling by our house - beautiful!

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