April 30, 2013

Transformation Tuesday - Veggie Scraps

I checked out "Berenstain Bears Grow-It!" last month from the library, and ever since, Cooper and I have been on a huge planting kick! Well, spring is also here finally so it is the growing season at last.We have planted broccoli, tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, flowers, beans, strawberries, carrots, and even a watermelon plant. Inside, we decided to try to start some plants using some of these ideas below. Turn your kitchen scraps into plants!

1. Start an Avacado Tree from the pit!

Source: Garden of Eaden
2.Start Potato Plants from an old potato.
Source: DIY Network

3.   Green Onions and Celery from scraps too!

Source: Modern Parents Messy Kids
4.  A Pineapple Plant
Source: Modern Parents Messy Kids

5. Carrot Plants from Carrot Tops. Although these will not grow a new carrot. This is what our kitchen window looked like the other day when Cooper and I first started. The carrots are his experiment, we have the  carrot tops on a plate in another room. He thinks the carrots will just grow as well if put in water... And I now realize I did the potato wrong and need to cut it in half. Whoops.

There are tons more, but I am out of time. I'll post more photos of these veggie plants once they start growing. I can't wait!

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