March 12, 2013

Transformation Tuesday - Corks

Only Tuesday. Feels like it already should be Friday again. So, I still haven't created a project with the bottle caps from last Tuesday, but, I do plan to, really.

Here are ten wonderful projects to do with corks.  So save them up if you don't already! My favorite might be number 10. How about you?

1. Cork Trivets! We received one of these from our friends Janie and Jon when we were married, and I use it ALL the time. Have it right by my stove.
Source: WoodinyouDineDivine on etsy
2. Cork Flooring and Walls .

3. Animal Sculptures. I love this one by Lil Blue Boo
Tutorial by Lil Blue Boo

4. Stamps. Lil Blue Boo once again shows a great tutorial on how to do this.
Source: Lil Blue Boo
5. Wall Art! Check out this Tutorial over at the blog Little Things Bring Smiles. She used wood slices, but you could easily use cork instead.
Source: Little Things Bring Smiles
6. Small Rugs/Bath Mats.
Source: Ricki Roger Design on Etsy
7. Monograms
Source: My Happily Ever After

8. Picture Frames
Source: Every Little Thing by Pam McKnight
9. Pin Boards! I suppose the Trivets could also work as Pin Boards. Check out this great Tutorial on After Nine to Five.
Source: After Nine to Five
10.  Birdhouses! I love this one!
Source: Carefully Corked on Etsy

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