February 8, 2013


We are in full Birthday mode right now. Cooper turned 4 this week!  We are having a little Angry Birds Birthday Party at the house tomorrow that I will have to stay up late preparing for tonight. He already had a wonderful birthday on his real birthday. When he got to school, his teacher had a crown for him to wear for the whole day, and he got to blow out candles in a choo choo train and hand out candy to all the kids in his class. Then we picked him up early from school, played at the park, came home to a yummy dinner and cake and presents and skyping with the grandparents in Lexington. He kept saying "I can't even believe it" he was so excited about all his presents.

Next, Lily turns 1. Just a little over a week away! I can't believe it.  Time is going faster with her than it did with Cooper since we are both working full time and so busy I think. She started walking this week with my mom here! I need to catch her on film. I'm trying to plan a little birthday party for her as well. For those of you with little ones, what did you do for your baby's first birthday? I think we'll just keep this one family since I am a little tuckered out from all the parties this month.

When my son Cooper turned 1, 3 years ago, we did a barnyard animals theme. Our friend Tina Carter, an amazing photographer, took the great photos for us. I thought the cupcakes turned out pretty darn cute for my first attempt at a theme birthday. I got the idea from good ol Betty Crocker . I made the cupcakes and cake with homemade carrot cake and homemade cream cheese icing. Just can't decide what to do for my Lillian yet...

Hoping my Angry Bird cupcakes turn out tomorrow. I'll post the party details this weekend : )

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