January 8, 2013

Eating Healthier - French Food Rules

One of our New Years Resolutions is to eat healthier as a family. I have been looking around for ways to do this and found this excellent post  at the Land of Nod's blog about the book "French Kids Eat Everything" by Karen Le Billon. I have the book now in my amazon cart. Looking forward to reading it.


I like this snapshot of the lessons from the book. Assessing our family, I think we are good at 3, 4, 5,  but really fail at 2 and 7 and in many ways 9. We attempt 6 with the kids and 8, but often times we're just too busy except at dinner time. Dinners we always sit together at the table. How about you?

I have used candy as a bribe (number 2) (big no no) for quite a while for Cooper. It was always such an easy quick fix to ensure good behavior or to reward good behavior. I am going to really attempt to quit this for good. Fortunately, our son loves green vegetables. But not all of them. He won't touch salad or peppers. Not sure why. Starting Lily early. I think maybe we just never gave him salad when he was little thinking he couldn't eat it easily enough. Not really sure. And the snacking is out of hand, especially on weekends in the car. We generally keep all healthy snacks on us (string cheese, cashews, dried fruit, granola), but Cooper sometimes will only eat snacks and not a meal because he fills up too much on snacks. And isn't a meal that much more delicious when you are ravenous!

Hoping to post more meals on here and about our lifestyle changes that work. Last night we had free range roasted chicken (from France in fact) that was delicious. Tonight, fish, broccoli and wild rice. Yum.

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