December 18, 2012

Random Thoughts

1. You must check out this website with the best pictures of the day from 2012. I had seen many of them, but some were new and they are all simply amazing.

2. Just about every other week, Cooper and I go to the library and randomly pick out books to read. Each time, out of 4 books, we always stumble across one that we love. Here are two books you should check out of your library, or try to order them on amazon. Mr. Willowby's Christmas tree is adorable. I can't find a new book on amazon, but will order a used one. I would love to read this every Christmas over and over. How to Babysit a Grandpa is really cute and Cooper loves it.

3. Frank started playing Mumford and Sons at night while we hang out. Why haven't we been listening to them for years! They are amazing if you don't already listen to them, check them out.

4. If you are looking for the perfect toy for your toddler that will keep them occupied for hours, and you don't mind spending $100, go for these magna tiles.

5. My new favorite blogs that I must check daily are: - She will make you want to adopt. Beautiful posts, beautiful kids, beautiful photography, and simply a happy wonderful life. - always something interesting and new. Huge family living in France. Plain neato.
You must check them out.

6. Aside from watching Elf and Love Actually, I must watch Little Women every Christmas I feel like. Watched it with my sisters and mom a LONG time ago, and have ever since. It never fails to make me cry with Beth dies. The music is so wonderful, and it just reminds me of home and family so so much.

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